TLV OpenData Portal is dedicated to promoting access to government data and encouraging the development of creative tools to engage and serve Tel-Aviv's diverse community.

What data does the TLV OpenData Portal hold?

You can view all open datasets in our current catalogue. In time, it will be expanded to include a large majority of our data. Not all data can be released due to privacy reasons.

Will you publish my private data?

Rigorous processes are in place to protect your privacy. We will not publish any data of a private or sensitive nature.

What can I do with the data?

Under our data policies, you are free to share and adapt our data for any purpose, provided you give the appropriate credit.

How often is the data updated?

The frequency of updates differs for each dataset and is outlined within each dataset’s metadata. Select the ‘Info’ tab when viewing a dataset to find the update frequency, last updated date and version control.

How do I report an error within a dataset?

If you detect an error or believe a dataset is incomplete, you can select the ‘Discuss’ tab and post a comment.


  1.   The purpose of the website of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality (hereinafter: "the Municipality" and "the Site") is to share a data from the Municipality's databases.

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  5. The Municipality does not guarantee or undertake any action to ensure the continued provision or continuation of the data in a particular format, and reserves the right to remove or change data from the Site at any time.

  6. The site may contain links to sites of third parties that are not owned or controlled by the municipality and which are located on the Open Data site. It is hereby clarified that the Municipality is not responsible for the contents of the third party sites, and that links to third party sites on the Open Data site do not imply the validity, approval, recommendation or preference of the municipality to those linked sites, including publications appearing on these sites and / or their operators. By using data from third party sites, you are releasing the municipality from any argument arising from its use.

  7. The Municipality has the right to block or limit access to the Site's service with any breach of the terms of use specified above and / or at its discretion, without any notice, reason or explanation whatsoever.

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  9. The Municipality may change the terms of use of the Site at any time without prior notice, and such change shall be binding on the user for all intents and purposes once it is published. Use of the site after the changes will indicate acceptance of the terms of use.

  10. The court in Tel Aviv-Yafo shall have sole and exclusive jurisdiction over the site, the data and their use, and they shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Israel.

  11. For more information please contact the Tel Aviv- Yafo Municipality via the Municipality's website at www.tel-aviv.gov.il.
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