Thank you for your interest in the API of the TLV OpenData.
Each dataset published to TLV OpenData Portal is based on some Web API that actually provides the data displayed at Portal in various forms: depending on the type of data, it may be presented at TLV OpenData Portal on Map, Chart or Table Views. As a developer, you may consume these service as well and decide which form of presentation is more suitable for you.

There are three categories of Services you may consume.

Managed API

These services are exposed through Tel-Aviv API Management portal and require you to obtain the developer key. This key is then passed to any API invocation in order to identify you within the system. Please consult API Management documentation for more details.
For C# programmers intertesed in addding custome headers to our API, we recommend this article by Prashant H Phadke.

Live API

Live API is used to expose dynamic data that is changed permanently with the time. Actually, this type of services provides the subscription to any part of the data tree. Once subscribed, you'll get the snapshot updates once the data was updated. Use Firebase Realtime Database API to get these no Live TLV OpenData datasets are indicated by bliking LIVE pointer.